Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost there!

Drawing 148

Drawing 149

Almost at the end of Semester One! I have two classes on Tuesday, a day in the printmaking studio on Wednesday and handing in my print folio plus visual diary, and that's it.

I handed in my painting (so-called) folio today, then came home and was at a bit of a loss what to do! No homework, nothing to finish off (well, there is the printmaking diary to work on, but I've got days to do that, nothing like leaving it to the last minute) , oh the what did I do with all that freedom? Had a coffee, watched an episode of the X files on DVD, made drawing-a-day, unpacked my painting bag (hey, look, there's the sharpener and the ink brush and my favourite eraser, all of which I've been hunting for a week - all tucked up together cosily in the very nether regions of the bag). I watched the rain and wind bring down two trunks of my tree dahlias, finally flowering prolifically and now prostrate on the lawn; the weight of the water was too much for them. Oooh, and the white tree dahlia I planted two years ago is flowering for the first time this year, a pretty double flower. I'll get a photo of it when it's less stormy.

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