Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La la la

Drawing 159

Drawing 160

Drawing 161

Haven't made a found poem for a while, felt like one today.

Spent a very windy day in the city centre, visiting an artists' books exhibition. Came away with lots more ideas. Lunch at Crossways with the Hare Krishnas - Wednesday's menu is chickpea and potato, with the standard halvah and custard dessert. Yum! A visit to a couple of secondhand books shops (didn't buy anything) and a quick trip to St Vinnies in Crewe Street Oakleigh on the way home. I did buy at Vinnies: an animal lotto game for $1, a book on South American art for $3 - lots of lovely inspirational photos, a length of batik fabric for $2, and a pair of salt and pepper shakers for $1. I've been looking for a set of shakers with not-too-big holes, and for a buck these will likely fit the bill.

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