Friday, June 27, 2008


Drawing 162

Drawing 163

I've been perusing the book of South American mythology I bought the other day and the
images are seeping into my drawing.

Had a productive day today: finished sewing up a cute vest in gecko fabric (bar buttonholes and buttons - I tend to stockpile items needing buttonholes because it's a pain to change the foot on the sewing machine. Easier to do a batch than change the foot every time), cut out and got about halfway through sewing a skirt, read (Ben Elton's "Blind Faith"), took a walk to the post office to send a parcel - bit windy out but a pleasant day for walking and I like having a peak at others' gardens, cleaned all the lint out of the washing machine filter because last time I used it there was a minor flood (gerk! Yucky job but removing the lint seems to have fixed it), and then washed two loads of laundry and hung it all on the clothesline.

I also took Pye cat for a 'walk' in the back yard - more of a graze, really, he seems to think he's some sort of cow and must munch up all the grass in sight. My cats are indoors only, except for on the lead. Bel won't tolerate the lead, she either flops down limp and pretends she's dead, or does her Freddie Krueger impression and attempts to claw me to death, but Pye actually half
co-operates in having the lead put on and gets excited about a walk. I'm trying to teach him to associate the word "walkies" with going outside so he'll come when called, but he gets so worked up that I don't think the word registers. Usually he stays out about ten or fifteen minutes, then asks to go inside, but sometimes (today) he wants to stay out when I've had enough - he had a cat tantrum, full on with hissing and growling and bushed out tail. I think laughing at him made him even crosser with me :)

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raz said...

those drawings are lovely.