Friday, March 21, 2008

Alphabet series

Drawing day sixty-four

Drawing day sixty-five

Took inspiration from the other day's "y" like drawing and I've decided to do my own "illuminated" alphabet. So there's ideas for the next twenty or so day's drawings!

I had quite a productive day, today, for the first day of term break. Made my drawing-a-day early, made two skirts to sell on ebay, sorted out the weeks newspapers (I go through them quickly before recycling to cut out any inspiring bits for my visual diaries), finished a small patchwork piece to print on next term (and dragged out fabric for the next couple - the brown one is finished, then I think perhaps a yellow one and a green one), heat set the screenprint design I put on five tank tops (also to sell online, I hope), and spent some time scrutinizing my current painting project trying to decide if one of the three panels needs its image darkened a tad. It does, so that's on the list for tomorrow - the light was failing by the time I reached a decision and it will be easier in daylight than artificial.

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Jean said...

I'm so glad you're doing the alphabet! It will be so much fun to watch it evolve.