Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Drawing day sixty-nine

I was foiled in my baking impulse - I forgot I used the last egg on Sunday, so will have to make a supply run before attempting banana cake. Of course, I also cannot find the recipe of which I was thinking in any of my cookbooks or collection of cuttings, so I'm about to trawl Google for one.

Had another productive day: made three skirts to sell on Ebay, made my drawing-a-day, then worked on a set of drawings for school Drawing class. We had to do a series of six (at least) pieces using an object we chose. My object was text, specifically book pages (can we see a pattern here? I'm obsessed). I had completed the requisite number but wasn't happy with most so I'm adding more, to be winnowed on return to class. They're going in a better direction now that I've reverted to my Indian ink pens rather than the dip pens and bottled ink (too scratchy and imprecise, the wonky lines distress me), though I did like the way the ink looked when I used a brush (in broad areas rather than detail) so I may employ that technique in these extra drawings, too.

I also finished up the triptych of paintings, darkening the one I was dithering about. Now I'm wondering if it's not too dark, and needs a wash of white to knock it back a bit again (not as much as it was, but more than it is now). Just can't make up my mind over the damned things!
Too light, too dark, perhaps I should just get over it and let the poor things be.

I also put some more drawings and garments up on Etsy. Sometime over the next ten days I plan to go through the box of clothing that didn't sell on Ebay and put it up on Etsy, too. I have so many plans for this break, I need a list. A prioritised list. Yeah, that ain't gonna happen...

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Caroline M said...

I have my Angus originals framed and ready to hang, it just may take months for the last step.