Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rain, lovely rain

Drawing day seventy

There was a ripper of a thunderstorm on Monday night, and it's been raining since lunchtime today. Lovely, seriously lovely. It's been so long since we had regular, proper rain that it's a novelty. Though it has brought something of a chill to the air after the hot temperatures last week - the contrast is striking. On the weekend I was in shorts and a singlet, today it's back to long pants and long sleeves. And handknit socks :) My feet are very happy. And the cats are very friendly, looking for a convenient heat sink.

The garden will be grateful. Water restrictions mean that most of the plants are perpetually thirsty since all I can give them is excess household water from the shower (caught in buckets) or sinks (bowls). Yes, I could get up at 6am and water two days a week (one of which is Sunday) but given how much I lerve my bed and sleep, that has Buckley's chance of happening...

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