Thursday, March 20, 2008

Woohoo! End of term :)

Drawing number sixty-one

It was a stinking hot day when I drew number sixty-one, the night before was also hot (31 degrees in the bedroom when I went to bed in front of the fan) and I slept poorly. It shows in the drawing.

Drawing number sixty-two

Drawing number sixty-three

Today was the last day of term one and I now have the next two weeks off. Well, I say the next two weeks off, but what it really means is no classes - there's still plenty of homework :)

But it will be lovely to sleep in and work to my own timetable. Or not work at all, sometimes...

Wednesdays are my favourite day of the school week, because it's printmaking all day. I had a great printmaking day this week. The print of five black on white/five white on black that I was talking about a post or two ago are now reworked and I love them so much I want to MARRY them. I cut three of each colour into strips and wove them together so that they became checkerboarded in varying degrees: the first one into quarters, the second into more checks and the third into wavy checks, then interspersed each checkered one with a plain black on white or a white on black (that's probably about as clear as mud). The change of colour is very interesting and does strange things to one's vision. This is the first art I've made that I'm one hundred percent happy with. It worked EXACTLY the way I planned it in my head. I only have one (poor) photo of the series on the corkboard at school, but I'll take more photos after the Easter break and post them (the week was too rushed trying to finish stuff up to chase photos).

Plus I made two editions of a new image, one of the drawings on novel pages I had on Etsy. The first edition is black ink over a double stencil of one yellow and one orangey red rectangle (which required three screens, reasonably time consuming by the time I waited for the screen to dry in between colours), and the second is black on pages I tore out of an atlas from the op shop. I laughed at the gasps from my classmates as I ripped into A Book. Ah, the horror! And me ex-library :) I like the way the lines of the image over the text work with the lines and colours of the maps. I think the yellow/orange one is done, but I'll look at it again next class. It may need something else (not sure what yet). The atlas one, hmm, not sure about that either - I think it does need more. But I'm happy with both so far.

Now I'm putting together some hexagonal patchwork pieces to print on, and I plan to work up some surfaces from snippets of thread and fabric held together by wash-away webbing sewn over and also paper sewn through both before and after printing. Can't wait to print on those!

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Jean said...

You should see the work of an artist here who does prints, then cuts them up into scraps and reassembles the pieces with thread. She also adds bits of color by peeling paint off a glass surface. Her works are absolutely stunning (and well beyond my wallet). Interestingly, she gives me credit for inspiring her to put the scraps together as quilts. We got to know each other when she was working in a pet shop and I would go in for crickets for our frogs. She loved my quilted jacket and claims that's what inspired her when she got her own studio space and made art her full-time work.