Monday, March 24, 2008

Baking? Hmmm....

Drawing day sixty-eight

I have a very unusual impulse: to bake a banana loaf. This is a strange impulse for me on a couple of counts. I can't remember the last time I actually made a cake or biscuits and certainly not scones. I gave up making scones because they always turned out like rocks, a hazard to the teeth (though perhaps a boon to the dentist). I love scones, but not when I make them.

The Bloke bakes (and does so well, even scones). I Do Not.

And bananas, I have an ambivalent relationship with bananas. I used to like them as a child, and even as a young(ish) adult, especially sliced up on cereal. Then one morning I woke up and bananas suddenly had a vile odour and made me nauseous. Exit bananas from my diet. Plus for a while over the last year or two following a cyclone in northern Australia which wiped out the crop, bananas were priced up to $12 a kilo - a price I refuse to pay (yeah, I'm a skinflint). But the fruit has stopped making me wrinkle my nose and run away, I even ate a one a few months ago. So when they were 99c a kilo on Saturday morning I bought a couple, but I'm so out of banana buying practice that they are now very very ripe, hence the urge for banana loaf or banana cake or banana bread.

So tomorrow I fire up the oven, get out the mixing bowl and - ta da! - bake :)

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pansylovr said...

Ms. Lizabeth
When I first read this, I thought you said you were going to bake a banana "leaf"...goes to show that I really do need to put my glasses on when I get up!
Loving the series. Please post more of your artwork on etsy, so that we might own an original Elizabeth of our own.
Hugs from across the ocean!