Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three freebies

Drawing day fifty-eight

Drawing day fifty-nine

I love a freebie, and today I scored not one, not two, but THREE freebies!

Number one was winning two passes to the Stitches and Craft show ($15 entry fee each) so spent a pleasant couple of hours with the Bloke perusing all the lovely craft books, fabric, beads, and associated accessories. I found, to my surprise, that while I enjoyed looking, the only things I was tempted to buy were a couple of sewing books and a dressmaking pattern or two, and I resisted their siren call. The fabric is still lovely but I guess my focus has changed.

Freebie number two came from the supermarket. Their policy is that if an item scans incorrectly at checkout, it's free. I found a 1.3kg packet of chicken drumsticks mislabeled at $4.99 - should have been $3.79 according to the label on the cabinet - and when it scanned at the incorrect price, got it for free. I did have to remind the operator, but she just shrugged and shoved it into the bag.

Freebie number three was a chair on the nature strip on the way home from the supermarket, leftover from a garage sale we passed earlier in the day and, along with a couch (too small for my purposes) and some other chairs, labelled free for the taking. So we took. It's a bit stinky, smells like a smoker has loved it well, so it's outside in the heat airing. The joints need a little attention as it's a little wobbly but that won't be hard to fix. I plan to make it a lovely arty cover, perhaps a monster of some description.

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