Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flat out like a lizard drinking :)

Drawing day forty-seven

Drawing day forty-eight

Drawing day forty-nine (perhaps that should be "image day forty-nine"!)

Drawing day fifty

Woohoo, made it to drawing fifty! Given that I anticipated this might last no longer than a week, I'm pleased that I'm still going and, what's even better, still enjoying drawing-a-day. The image for day forty-nine is another found poem - my drawing mojo was on hiatus that day and words were simpler. I kinda like the blacked out page with the white rectangles :)

Busy, busy, busy. Two excursions this week. One into the city centre for printmaking to view several galleries plus a paper-buying opportunity - oh, how I agonised over all the gorgeous papers but good paper is pricy! I settled for four large sheets of 350g Dutch Etching paper. I want to re-use an image from last year that I silkscreened from an x-ray of my wrist, using it multiple times over the large sheets and inking something else over the top, maybe in several layers. Dutch etching paper is made from cotton and feels soooo lovely.

We also went to (and this both amuses me and makes me squirm) to my ex-employer: the library where I used to work, to the Rare Books department to view their collection of artist's books. Felt a bit wierd having the libarian know me, plus he dragged out their copy of the book one of my short stories appeared in and had me sign it - even stranger! The artist's books were fascinating and often beautiful. I coveted one in particular, called "The Art of the Cake", which was fashioned as a concertina with gorgeous hand coloured and gilded drawings, presented in a patisserie box with a lace edged pair of white gloves, all contained in a gold etched clear plastic carry bag. I could go on and on about the books...

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