Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day out

Drawing day twelve

Took a trip into the centre of the city today. We visited the RMIT Art Gallery, which is presenting an exhibition called "Echoes of Home: memory and mobility in recent Austral-Asian Art". An interesting group of pieces, incorporating knitted "canvases", textiles, found objects, ceramics and anodized metal. I particularly liked the found object sculpture in the form of a retablo, with images worked on crab shells and the "altar" arranged like a piano. I have a retablo idea percolating in the back of my mind.

Lots of people in the city. I don't do so well with crowds these days (not sure that I ever did well in them, but I've certainly become more anxious over the years), but it was okay. The variety of fashions fascinates me - from the ultra conservative to couture to urban/street style. Wonderful.

Wandered down Swanston Street from the train station opposite the State Library (I still call it Museum, even though the museum moved a long time ago) for lunch at Crossways, the Hare Krishna run restaurant. Rice, subti (like curry), poppadoms, halvah & custard, plus a drink for the princely sum of $5 - more than I can eat (but The Bloke finishes for me). I love the halvah & custard, always save room for their dessert :)

Back up the hill to Museum/Melbourne Central and a movie, I Am Legend. I enjoyed it up to almost the end, wasn't thrilled with the last fifteen minutes. I do have a weakness for Will Smith, though, so enjoyed the eye candy. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig, just before the peak hour crush began. A good day.

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