Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cut 'n' paste

Drawing day eleven

Spent an hour or so this afternoon collaging some magazine pictures and book pages onto drawing paper to work over in ink and pencil, once the glue dries (probably tomorrow). It's fun doing a little cut and paste, like being back in kindergarten :)

I also made a couple of skirts to list on ebay. I'm on a fabric diet, ie. no buying more fabric until I use most of my stash. I have bought little new since going back to school last February - two or three quarter metres of stuff I couldn't resist (skulls! in pink and red and multi! Or cats, black on pink! Mine! Mine!) - yet the towering pile of yardage in the "studio" is still threatening to topple over at regular intervals. I do have lots of scraps now, though - I plan to make tiered skirts, or sew some of the scraps into patchy yardage and work with that in either skirts or shirts. Fun!

Gratuitous cat photos:
Bel in the box: "Now you see me, now you don't..."

Bel in the hammock (a hotly contested position, one that can change ownership at the hint of a hiss or the slash of a wicked paw. Often the paw is black)

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