Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help meeee, I'm meltingggg...

Drawing day five

Another hot one here in Melbourne - 41 degrees Celsius and a predicted overnight low of a tropical 30 degrees. My subconscious will be working overtime tonight at those temperatures. Mental note to self: put the dreamcatcher back on the bedpost (had to remove it the last warm night as it was clacking in the breeze from the fan and I had repeated dreams of killer emus tapping on the window).

Worked on my linocut and made my drawing-a-day this morning before it got too, too hot, though the temps climbed pretty rapidly. I used a silver highlight on the drawing to bring out the central "flower" as it was rather disappearing into the other blooms.

It got too warm after that to concentrate, so I made a trip to a local clearance grocery store that's closing this week and stocked up: four packed plastic bags for $26, not bad value! I do love a bargain. Most items were two for one, including a cereal I really like but at $5-6 a box don't often eat - four boxes for $4 was a coup. The past year on a student allowance has taught me to stretch a buck a looooooong way :)

Bel cat spent an hour this afternoon trying to inveigle me into letting her snooze under the polar fleece blanket that lives on the back of the armchair over summer and on my lap during winter. Since it was stinking hot, I refused to cooperate, but she tried very hard: walking over my shoulders and bust repeatedly, nudging my hands, mewing piteously, headbutting the blankie and mewing even more pathetically. To no avail. She had to be content with toasting her little black self in the sun coming through the window till she just about baked her brain and had to stagger back into the shade, puffing like a steam train. Pye spent the day stretched full length on successive patches of carpet, gettin up at intervals to totter a few steps to a slightly cooler patch and grumbling at me. They like warm, but today was way beyond optimum cat weather.

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pansylovr said...

And it's trying to snow here in Illinois, so I'll send you some cold if you send me some warmth...I am loving the drawings, particularly todays.
Cool hugs,