Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Summer reading

Drawing day three

I had less trouble stopping at one drawing today :) Perhaps they're like Timtams, one is never enough but more than one isn't good for you.

Yesterday I worked on my linocut, but it's going to be a longer term project. It's about A3 size, so largish, and I have to pace myself or my carpal/cubital tunnel syndromes complain, loudly. Patience, grasshopper. I always want to get on and finish, NOW (did I mention the obsessive/compulsive tendencies?). Just one more section, ooh look at how it's going, just one more section...I get so entranced that hours can pass and suddenly it's 1a.m. I'm like that with everything: knitting, quilting, any form of art, even reading. Just one more chapter...

Speaking of chapters, I went to the library yesterday (and forgot the digital camera, which I'm trying to remember whenever I leave the house - there's a lovely round window in the church next to the library that I want a picture of, to work into a drawing) and borrowed a lovely selection of summer reading. Two of Kerry Greenwood's earlier Phryne mysteries, which, surprisingly, I hadn't read. Thought I'd seen all but the two most recent. Oooh, those books are like chocolate, I just can't put 'em down. I finished one this morning, over breakfast (okay, and extended breakfast with a second cup of coffee. Remember what I said about not being able to put Kerry Greenwoods down?). Loverly :) When (if) I ever have a few spare $$s, I'm going to buy the latest in her Corrinna the baker series, which I think I like even more than the Phryne ones. Oh, and I meant to save the other Phryne for last, but guess which one I started this afternoon?

Hmm, haven't quite figured out this blog yet. Tried to post the skirt I made and listed on Ebay today, but can't make the image appear where I want it. See next post

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