Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Drawing day four

Drawing day four

Spent most of today attending a funeral (a friend's father died), so not very productive. I did find time for a drawing this morning, though.

I'm finding this blog is renewing my interest in writing, too, as well as kicking starting the visual creative thing. Yes, I write, too, mostly short stories and poetry (though not so much poetry the last few years) and I have the first draft of a fantasy novel completed. I started editing and rewriting it, then had a couple of short stories rejected by a publisher and lost my mojo.

I think it's found its way home.

I dragged out the first draft of the novel and reread part of it. It needs a lot of work, but you know what, it ain't a total stinker. Perhaps I'll sit down and reread it in its entirety and start working on it again.

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Jean said...

You sound so very, very happy, Elizabeth, which is so very good to hear. And I LOVE your drawings! If you ever find too many around the house and want to send one flying over the waters, I promise to give it a loving home. :-)