Sunday, January 6, 2008


Day two drawing


My attempt to kick start my art process seems to be working but the muse has brought along a less welcome friend: my obsessive-compulsive tendencies have joined her entourage.

I woke this morning keen to get drawing, scoffed down breakfast and scalded my tongue on my coffee in my anxiety to begin. The drawing went well, hands busy=brain quiet and happy, but - BUT - then I didn't want to stop. My fingers wanted to go on to page three, day three's work instead of moving on to something else. Hello, Brain? The idea was to draw ONE thing and use the creative stimulation to work on something else, not turn out elebenty-seven novel page pieces in a day!

Finished with the drawing above, my hand crept toward the poor mutilated book to tear out another page. The other hand was clenched about the pen, itching to make a mark on the paper.
I reluctantly put the pen back into the case with its fellows, packed up the pencils and eraser and novel, and put them all into another room. I had to shut the door (much to the cats' disgust - the "studio" is a fun playground) to drown out their siren call.

Next on the agenda: finished sewing a skirt to put up on Ebay, cut out another to work on later today.

Now I'm going to get out the lino panel on which I've already sketched a design, the linocutting tools, the lovely timber rest The Bloke made me to cut on, and cut a block ready to print when my printmaking class starts again in February. I may take a hand print or two (I bought a cheap burnisher) to see how it's turning out, but it'll be much easier to run a series of prints on the press at school. I'm looking forward to school :)

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Nann said...

Welcome to blogland!
Designs like this one would look really terrific on fabric, y'know.