Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

Detail of a project from last semester's painting class - Self-Identity

It feels like the ninth circle of hell here, today: 37 degrees C after a horrible steamy night in which my dreams were populated by ginormous black ants with huge menacing pincers, and emus (I loathe emus) imitating the shark from Jaws. Shudder. There is supposed to be a cool change on the way, but not until around 6am, so I'm in for another night of enduring whatever my heat addled subconscious has been fermenting today. I blame the emu scenario on The Bloke, who is responsible for putting the image in my head into the first place. Perhaps I should work it into a drawing or a painting. My Nightmares, Series I.

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Caroline M said...

Since when did you have a blog lady? Oh, since now. About time too.