Monday, January 28, 2008

Long weekend

Drawing day twenty-three

Australia Day holiday today (even though the actual day was Saturday, the 26th), though as I'm already on holiday it hasn't made any difference to me! But the street has been very quiet, which is nice; for a suburban street, this one seems to get more than it's fair share of traffic hooning down the slope, despite the multiple speed bumps. I don't mind the traffic so much, but the cars with the super-loud doof-doof music broadcasting in the small hours get a bit wearing.

Spent an hour or so this afternoon doing some more cleaning up in the studio/spare room. Much better, though there is still a nasty corner of boxes lurking (lurking for so long I've forgotten what's in them). Probably mostly stuff heading for ebay at some point when I get my act together and photograph it. I still have to tackle the ginormous pile of drawings from last year's classes. I'm torn about tossing any of it. Well, some of the one and two minute life drawings can be recycled into something else (quite happily!), but I'll either need to find a way of storing the rest or throw some out. Most of the drawings are A1 size, so HUGE. I thought about under the bed, but I suspect a cat or two would have heap big fun with that - Bel adores paper, when she was a kitten every piece of paper or cardboard in the house had perforated corners from sharp little teeth.

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